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OpenSea CEO resigns over exposing his abuses

OpenSea CEO Nati Chastin left the company today after it was revealed that he was trading in the platform’s internal business yesterday. On Tuesday, OpenSea CEO Nate Chastain was publicly accused of buying NFTs that were to be advertised shortly before they appeared on the platform’s front page. A Twitter user named Zuwu revealed Mr.…
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NFT FTX exchange market will be activated soon!

NFT FTX exchange market will be activated soon! With the auction of a trial version of Pixel Art by the CEO of FTX, we can hope that the NFT exclusive market activity of this exchange will start soon. Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX Password Exchange, has launched a 24-hour auction for its Pixel Art demo,…
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Why are NFT whales fascinated by the number 8?

Last week, we saw a wave of trades in the irreplaceable tokens or NFT market, all of which were somehow related to the number 8. CryptoPunk 8888 was sold at Atrium 888.8 and an EtherRock was sold at 888. In addition, 64 new CryptoPunks are on sale for Atrium 888, and the CEO of Meitu…
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Porsche Unique Design Auction as NFT

From August 2 to August 6, Porsche will give its fans and customers a unique opportunity to purchase a dedicated NFT image designed by the company’s body design team manager. Fans can purchase the design at auction through the US platform SuperRare. This exceptional plan is available as both a physical asset and a digital…
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Moonshot Manifesto Edition 11

Hello Everyone!  Here is a weekly recap of Moonshot Manifesto Edition 11.  Download it here: MoonShot X Newsletter Issue 11

NFT: Sotheby’s Follows Christie’s with a New Plan

Following the record-breaking sale of a non-fungible token (NFT) art piece hosted by Christie’s, New York-headquartered multinational corporation Sotheby’s announced today that they would be collaborating with the well-known digital artist Pak. On March 16, the international auction house first posted a teaser-style tweet of a video featuring a circle, with commenters quickly starting to…
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