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Africa experiences a significant cryptocurrency growth

In recent years, Africa has witnessed the widespread popularity of its currency cryptocurrency. This is not an unexpected move. Please note that the cost to remittance service providers for sending money to Africa is on average close to 9%. This is the highest rate in the world and three times the goal of sustainable development…
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NFT FTX exchange market will be activated soon!

NFT FTX exchange market will be activated soon! With the auction of a trial version of Pixel Art by the CEO of FTX, we can hope that the NFT exclusive market activity of this exchange will start soon. Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX Password Exchange, has launched a 24-hour auction for its Pixel Art demo,…
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The official date of the Alonzo update on Cardano’s main network has been confirmed

The official date of the Alonzo update on Cardano’s main network has been confirmed In an atmosphere of “fear, uncertainty and doubt”, rumors and speculation against Cardano and his ecosystem have risen in recent weeks. However, the network’s smart contracts may take effect on September 12. Input-Output Global, in a tweet, announced hours before the…
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$ 2 billion increase in Stable Coins holdings at cryptocurrency exchanges

The latest data from CryptoQuant, an analytics company in China, shows a $ 2 billion increase in the amount of Stablecoins in cryptocurrency exchanges. CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju described the large volume of StableCoins in circulation as a positive sign for the crypto industry. He said most trading platforms allow users to buy cryptocurrencies…
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Demand for change to stake proof algorithm

The recent fears, uncertainty, and skepticism about bitcoin mining using the PoW algorithm have also played a role in other blockchain networks that want to switch to PoS. The ECC cited this as one of the reasons, saying that of course they do not believe in the common notion, but they do believe that PoS…
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Circle Company is on the way to becoming a commercial bank with full reserves

Circle, the creator of StableCoin USDC, has announced plans to become a full-fledged commercial bank. If approved, the digital currency bank will operate directly under the auspices of the US Treasury, the Federal Reserve, the Office of Currency Control and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

The cryptocurrency user community has doubled to 221 million since the beginning of the year.

According to a report published by Crypto.com, the cryptocurrency user community has doubled in the first half of this year. The popularity of cryptocurrencies has doubled from 106 million to 221 million from January to July this year, mainly due to the record price of Bitcoin in the first quarter of this year. This report…
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China’s first carbon offset blockchain launched in Tianjin

Tianjin, famous for its vast oil refineries, launched China’s first carbon offset blockchain. This coincided with the development of the country’s carbon trading platform. A carbon offset is a reduction in the emission of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. The announcement was made by the Tianjin City Pollutant Control Center at a news conference…
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Sixteenth burning token event had no effect on BNB price

Token burning is one of the most notable events among users that occurs once every three months. In the 16th phase of this process, Binance burned about $ 400 million in BNB tokens. Token burning means the permanent removal of a number of coins or tokens circulating within the network of a currency code. This…
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Moonshot Manifesto Edition 11

Hello Everyone!  Here is a weekly recap of Moonshot Manifesto Edition 11.  Download it here: MoonShot X Newsletter Issue 11