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Circle Company is on the way to becoming a commercial bank with full reserves

Circle, the creator of StableCoin USDC, has announced plans to become a full-fledged commercial bank. If approved, the digital currency bank will operate directly under the auspices of the US Treasury, the Federal Reserve, the Office of Currency Control and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Currency code tax amendment rejected in the US Senate

A US senator rejected the currency code tax amendment in the US Senate The US Senate did not approve a bilateral agreement on a cryptocurrency tax in its $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill after Monday’s vote, according to CoinDesk and Yahoo Finance.

The cryptocurrency user community has doubled to 221 million since the beginning of the year.

According to a report published by, the cryptocurrency user community has doubled in the first half of this year. The popularity of cryptocurrencies has doubled from 106 million to 221 million from January to July this year, mainly due to the record price of Bitcoin in the first quarter of this year. This report…
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GoldenTree asset management company has added Bitcoin to its financial balance sheet

GoldenTree asset management company has recently added bitcoin to its financial balance sheet to diversify its product portfolio. Informed sources said the move offers GoldenTree a wider range of lending solutions. The report goes on to say that the management company is looking to hire cryptocurrency investment people and blockchain executives to focus more on…
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German Mutual Funds can invest 20% of their portfolio in cryptocurrencies

A law that will take effect in Germany next week will allow institutional funds to invest 20 percent in digital assets. This development coincides with the significant acceptance of cryptocurrency industry by financial institutions and companies.

100 cryptocurrency jobs have become available on Paypal

With the global acceptance of cryptocurrencies, more than 100 cryptocurrency jobs have become available on Paypal PayPal is looking to hire more than 100 cryptocurrencies to expand its cryptocurrency services. As of this writing, there are at least 102 blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs on PayPal’s published list.

StorX is the fastest decentralized storage network in terms of growth rate

According to a tweet from the founder of StorX, the platform has become one of the fastest and most prominent decentralized cloud storage networks in the world. The growing StorX platform allows its users to securely and quickly store their data in the cloud. The network has distinguished itself from other stakeholders by reducing storage…
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Porsche Unique Design Auction as NFT

From August 2 to August 6, Porsche will give its fans and customers a unique opportunity to purchase a dedicated NFT image designed by the company’s body design team manager. Fans can purchase the design at auction through the US platform SuperRare. This exceptional plan is available as both a physical asset and a digital…
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 Aave’s reaction to Jack Dorsey’s new plan: Build Twitter on the Ethereum blockchain

In a proposal, the founder of Aave asked his development team to create an Ethereym version of the Twitter network. Stani Kulechov made the remarks in response to Jack Dorsey’s new plan for a Bitcoin-focused financial services development platform. The founder of Aave unveiled his social media plans Kulechov is interested in decentralized social media,…
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The integration of blockchain staking and DeFi was made possible by the Unifi protocol

The Unifi protocol is the first decentralized financial platform to integrate two DeFi network staking nodes It has been blocked. In this method, the nodes in the six main blockchains are combined with seven Unifi networks. Blockchain authentication is a large industry and will be further developed in the future by adopting a stock proof…
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