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Moonshot Academies

52% Gain On KISHU INU

MoonshotX signaled a potential play on Kishu Inu coin on 5.13.21 for a day trade.  We proceeded and bought around $1371 of the coin net of miner fees.  Total coins received: 144bln Position increased approximately 52% a few hours later where we took profit:

1500% Returns on SHIB Signal

MoonshotX Team huge banger on SHIB for the win! We started this speculative trade last month due to the rising price of DOGE and because Elon Musk is scheduled to speak on SNL tonight. The combination of FOMO and Musk’s presence was surely going to drive the price up. We analyzed that the price of…
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65% Returns on ETC Trade

MoonshotX Team signaled on 5/3/21 that ETC is moving in tandem with ETH and recommended a strong buy!  Since the original signal, ETC has reached an ATH of $175!  Although we missed out on some profits by selling ETC a bit early, we are still satisfied with our 65% return.  Remember, always take gains if…
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100% Returns On DOGE Trade

MoonshotX Team started alerting members to possible upside action on DOGE on 4/30/21.  Since then, DOGE has had a monster run topping off at .75 yesterday!  As DOGE kept rising to 100% profit, we began to trim our positions and re-entered this trade with profits.  After exiting the trade, we will roll profits into BTC…
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40% Gains on LTC Swing Trade

The MoonshotX Team signaled everyone to start buying LTC on 4/30.  In a matter of 3 days, we were up 40% and sold out of the position for a quick profit.  See the trade below: Entry: Exit: