Month: August 2021

Bitcoin Signal

The largest airdrop in DeFi history for DYDX exchange users

DYDX exchange users are rewarded for their patience. This popular on-chain trading platform has finally released its governance token. This protocol rewards previous users with DYDX tokens.

Demand for change to stake proof algorithm

The recent fears, uncertainty, and skepticism about bitcoin mining using the PoW algorithm have also played a role in other blockchain networks that want to switch to PoS. The ECC cited this as one of the reasons, saying that of course they do not believe in the common notion, but they do believe that PoS…
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Binance CEO resigns in US due to strategic differences

Brian Brooks, CEO of Binance Exchange in the United States, has resigned. He tweeted yesterday that his decision was due to strategic differences with other members of the team, adding that he had only been in office for four months. Prior to his appointment as the executive arm of Binance Exchange in the United States,…
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Half of British citizens want to receive cryptocurrency loans

Coinbase research shows that 51% of Britons are very interested in getting loans based on digital assets. The study found that crypto loans were more popular than traditional types of loans, and 39% of people were eager to use cryptocurrencies and use international money transactions.

Coinbase supports Apple Pay to purchase currency tokens

IPhone Coinbase users can now use Apple Pay to purchase Bitcoin, Atrium and other cryptocurrencies supported by Mastercard or Visa.

Axie Infinity Ethereum’s first NFT game with $ 1 billion in sales!

CryptoSlam site statistics show that Axie Infinity has sold more than $ 1 billion. The game is based on non-replaceable tokens (NFT) and runs on the Ethereum blockchain. At the time of writing, about $ 1,055,735 of Pokémon-inspired game tokens have been traded in 2.4 million transactions. The number of buyers, holders and daily active…
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Circle Company is on the way to becoming a commercial bank with full reserves

Circle, the creator of StableCoin USDC, has announced plans to become a full-fledged commercial bank. If approved, the digital currency bank will operate directly under the auspices of the US Treasury, the Federal Reserve, the Office of Currency Control and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Currency code tax amendment rejected in the US Senate

A US senator rejected the currency code tax amendment in the US Senate The US Senate did not approve a bilateral agreement on a cryptocurrency tax in its $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill after Monday’s vote, according to CoinDesk and Yahoo Finance.

The cryptocurrency user community has doubled to 221 million since the beginning of the year.

According to a report published by, the cryptocurrency user community has doubled in the first half of this year. The popularity of cryptocurrencies has doubled from 106 million to 221 million from January to July this year, mainly due to the record price of Bitcoin in the first quarter of this year. This report…
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GoldenTree asset management company has added Bitcoin to its financial balance sheet

GoldenTree asset management company has recently added bitcoin to its financial balance sheet to diversify its product portfolio. Informed sources said the move offers GoldenTree a wider range of lending solutions. The report goes on to say that the management company is looking to hire cryptocurrency investment people and blockchain executives to focus more on…
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