Month: July 2021

Moonshot Academies

 Aave’s reaction to Jack Dorsey’s new plan: Build Twitter on the Ethereum blockchain

In a proposal, the founder of Aave asked his development team to create an Ethereym version of the Twitter network. Stani Kulechov made the remarks in response to Jack Dorsey’s new plan for a Bitcoin-focused financial services development platform. The founder of Aave unveiled his social media plans Kulechov is interested in decentralized social media,…
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The integration of blockchain staking and DeFi was made possible by the Unifi protocol

The Unifi protocol is the first decentralized financial platform to integrate two DeFi network staking nodes It has been blocked. In this method, the nodes in the six main blockchains are combined with seven Unifi networks. Blockchain authentication is a large industry and will be further developed in the future by adopting a stock proof…
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China’s first carbon offset blockchain launched in Tianjin

Tianjin, famous for its vast oil refineries, launched China’s first carbon offset blockchain. This coincided with the development of the country’s carbon trading platform. A carbon offset is a reduction in the emission of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. The announcement was made by the Tianjin City Pollutant Control Center at a news conference…
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Sixteenth burning token event had no effect on BNB price

Token burning is one of the most notable events among users that occurs once every three months. In the 16th phase of this process, Binance burned about $ 400 million in BNB tokens. Token burning means the permanent removal of a number of coins or tokens circulating within the network of a currency code. This…
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Opening of the Bitcoin Mining Museum in Venezuela

Venezuela re-registers its name in the books. The first country to develop the CBDC central currency digital currency: the failed Petra project. Now the country wants to open the world’s first bitcoin mining museum. Although only twelve years have passed since the life of the bitcoin, everything has happened so fast that it seems as…
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Moonshot Manifesto Edition 12

Hello Everyone!  Here is a weekly recap of Moonshot Manifesto Edition 12.  Download it here: MoonShot X Manifesto Issue 12

Moonshot Manifesto Edition 11

Hello Everyone!  Here is a weekly recap of Moonshot Manifesto Edition 11.  Download it here: MoonShot X Newsletter Issue 11