1500% Returns on SHIB Signal

Bitcoin Signal

1500% Returns on SHIB Signal

MoonshotX Team huge banger on SHIB for the win! We started this speculative trade last month due to the rising price of DOGE and because Elon Musk is scheduled to speak on SNL tonight. The combination of FOMO and Musk’s presence was surely going to drive the price up. We analyzed that the price of DOGE might have been too high for some speculators to want to trade. Instead, a cheap DOGE related coin, that has wide meme appeal, could have huge potential upside. We entered the swing trade on 4/29/21, adding to our position slowly last week, and exited today with an average of almost 1,500% gain. See our trade below:

Initial Entry 4/29/21

Adding More 5/1/21

Exit 5/8/21